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New Softener with Maintenace Plan  - Pulaski
Kristin S called in with concerns about a film being on everything in her home. We sent Garrett one of our service technicians out to see what was going on. After testing...
Water tasting like Iron- Black Creek, WI
Softener has not been serviced in quite some time and water is starting to have a metallic taste. Homeowner believes the overall water quality has gone down. 
Service Plan - Larsen WI
Dave and Jill were quick to jump onto a service plan when we introduced them a few years back. They have an older unit installed in a very tight location. They enjoy their...
Reverse Osmosis Install- Larsen, WI
Homeowners called us out to check on their reverse osmosis system.  There was a problem with the unit keeping pressure.  The system that they currently have, the...
Water Softener Salt Delivery - Hortonville WI
The homeowner contacted us to deliver some Dura Cube salt for their water softener.
Leaking Iron Filter - Winneconne, WI
Iron filter has a constant leak that is starting to drip onto the floor.
High Nitrates In Markesan, WI
One of our customers from our testing lab, Clean Water Testing, was having issues with high nitrates. Mrs. E. was selling her home and had the water tested to make sure it...
Mr. & Mrs. M. decided to test their water due to their neighbors having health and safety concerns in regards to their well water. After testing with Clean Water Testing,...
Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System for nitrates - Shiocton WI
The homeowner discovered he had nitrate in his well water when the water was tested for a real estate transaction.
Water Seems Salty- Berlin, WI
The customer has noticed an increase in salt usage and the water has a salty taste. Also, the softener has never been serviced and was installed in 2003.
Reverse Osmosis - Berlin, WI
Homeowner was attempting to sell home, but through inspection found high levels of Arsenic in the water.
Reverse Osmosis System Install - Cecil, WI
The customer had moved into a home with known higher levels of Arsenic. They did have a reverse osmosis system at the kitchen sink already that was addressing it, but there...
Removing Tannins in Water - Gillett, WI
For years the homeowners had dealt with discolored water and had been taken through the ringer by multiple different companies who had different recommendations and treatment...
Water Softener - Weyauwega, WI
Softener is continually running water to the drain while the softener is in service. 
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