Ozone Generator: A Powerful Water Treatment Solution in Greater Appleton

Prevent viruses, bacteria, & cysts in your water filter with ozonation

A view of the O3Zone Generator add-on that includes the air intake hose

Ozone is a naturally occurring substance formed by three oxygen atoms together that also acts as a powerful aid to your filtration system. The optional Ozone Generator creates the O3 to purify the water inside the tank during the regeneration cycle. Once ozone dissolves into the water, it prevents bacteria, viruses, and cysts within the system – this process is also known as ozonation.

That is why Clean Water Center chooses the powerful Ozone Generator to add to our Evolve filters, which uses the air already drawn into the filter and converts it to ozone before traveling to the tank. To see how the Ozone Generator can help your home, contact Clean Water Center today. We proudly serve Wisconsin homeowners in Oconomowoc, Appleton, Green Bay, and areas nearby.

How ozone water treatment works

Not only is the Ozone Generator completely chemical-free, but it is also environmentally friendly. When added to our Evolve filters, the ozone generator prevents bacteria, viruses, and cysts inside the tank by using the air already being drawn into the system and converting it into ozone. Here is how this process works:

  1. Air draw: During a regeneration, air filters pull air into the top portion of the media tank. The air then oxidizes dissolved water contaminants, which turns them into particles and allows them to be filtered out by the media below.
  2. Creating ozone: The Ozone Generator activates during the air-draw cycle of the regeneration. As air is being pulled into the tank, it passes through an electrical field created by the generator called a corona discharge – this converts normal oxygen (O2) to ozone (O3).
  3. 'Green' by-product: The ozone travels into the tank and cleans the system of slime-producing bacteria. Any residual will naturally revert back to normal oxygen, for a clean chemical-free process.

* The Ozone Generator will not correct unsafe bacteria levels coming from your water supply. If you have bacteria in your well or if the city has issued a "boil alert" because their water has been contaminated, you will still need to boil your water before consuming it.

Benefits of the Ozone Generator:

  • Chemical-free and eco-friendly solution using naturally occurring ozone
  • Ozonation prevents all bacteria, cysts, and viruses inside the tank
  • When combined with our Evolve filters, you'll have cleaner, better-tasting water with every regeneration
  • Compact design and does not need an additional power source
  • Emits an audible notification if service is needed

Ozone generators are available on:

EVS Filtration Systems

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