Advanced WiFi technology for water treatment

Wripli® is one of the most advanced WiFi features in water treatment technology and is available with our EV conditioners, EVR softeners, and many of our whole house filters. Once you have your system installed, bring your water to life by visiting www.Wripli.com or downloading the app from the iTunes or Google Play stores.

Using WRIPLI® you can monitor your water usage, track your water and salt savings, and receive system alerts whenever and wherever you want! It's like having your equipment right in front of you.

Did you go on a trip without turning on your Vacation Mode? Don't worry about it. You can still save on water when you arrive at your destination with the tap of a button!

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WRIPLI® Features:

Current flow rate

See how much water is currently running through your home in real-time. This information is a helpful way of monitoring leaks or unwanted water usage.

Today's total gallons

View the total number of gallons of water your home has used during the day. Taking the time to check this daily can help you make adjustments to your water habits.

Peak flow rate

This icon provides a quick look at the largest amount of water flowing through your home during the past week. More details can be found regarding what day, and even what time these measurements were taken.

Capacity remaining

This describes how many more gallons of treated water your system can produce before it requires a regeneration cycle. Regeneration cycles are what sets your system back to full capacity. Wripli will keep track of any day that a regeneration has taken place. 

Total gallons saved

When paired with our Water Efficient Technology, Wripli will tally how much water you have saved since activating those features. The gallons saved are compared to a system that is already considered a "high efficiency" softener, so you are experiencing MAXIMUM efficiencies! 

Total pounds of salt saved

Water Efficient Technology will save the salt needed to help your system run at maximum efficiency, and Wripli will let you know how much you saved! The number displayed is the total pounds of salt saved by the system since activating these features.

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