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Unique water requires a custom solution

Water can collect all kinds of things while traveling through the ground to your home. This ruins the quality of your water at the source before it even reaches your house and plumbing. Whether you experience constant rust stains, corrosion, or foul tastes and odors, there is an Evolve filtration system that can eliminate the problem for your entire home.

Your porcelain fixtures can stay rust-free and your laundry will be more vibrant. Enjoy appliances and plumbing that last longer and are more efficient. We can also create drinking water that will no longer have an embarrassing smell and taste.

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EVR - State of the Art SofteningEVS - Your Sulfur Gas Solution

Hydrogen sulfide is a gas that occurs naturally underground. This gas can mix in with the water and present itself in your home as an unpleasant rotten egg odor. Showers and baths become unbearable, you don't want to drink your water, and boiled foods taste terrible. This is not something you have to live with; we have an Evolve filtration system that can effectively reduce sulfur gas to provide the water you expect from your tap.

Water passes through a unique air chamber at the top of the tank. This causes the hydrogen sulfide to oxidize and form particles. The particles then are trapped by the catalytic carbon media to allow fresh, odor-free water to travel throughout your home.


EVRC - The City Water SolutionEVFE - Dissolved Iron Doesn't Stand a Chance

Iron in your water can sometimes be a mystery because your water appears clear. It's not until it's been exposed to the air that your water starts leaving the telltale rust stains around your home. High levels of iron dissolved in water can effect the taste of you water as well, giving it a metallic flavor.

Dissolved iron that appears clear needs a special filtration process. With our EVFE filter, the water passes through a column of air at the top of the tank. This oxidizes the iron converting it from a dissolved state to solid particles. The now solid iron particles are trapped by the media inside and the water continues to your home iron-free.


EVRS - Preferred PerformanceEVBF - A Custom Solution for Any Water Issue

Our Evolve backwashing filter can be tailored to the specific water issues you are facing. Whether you need to neutralize acidic water in your home, reduce high levels of chlorine, or eliminate nuisance particles, we will customize the media inside to perform as the ideal solution.


How Evolve Water Treatment Systems Work -EVFE/EVS Filtration

Click a button below to view animations on how the Evolve Series works to treat the water in your home. See the water conditioning system in action. Talk to a Clean Water Center water expert about Evolve water treatment systems today.

This is the normal operating position of the filter. In this stage or position, untreated water flows through the inlet side of the control valve and down through a “captured” dome of air which oxidizes and precipitates iron and or sulfur.

As the water flows through the media these precipitated contaminants are filtered by the media. It is at this moment the undesirable minerals are removed from the water.

This is the first position in the regeneration sequence, nick-named "Inch Worm." In this position(s) the valve goes through a series of very small movements (“inching along”) allowing the “captured” dome of air to release slowly and more importantly, harmlessly down the drain.

This patented feature allows for the filter to expel the pressurized excess air without the violence associated with other air systems.

Backwash is a step in the regeneration process where the media in the tank is physically lifted up, spun around and agitated under pressure.

It is cleaned of any particles such as precipitated iron or sulfur which has been filtered out during normal use of the system. The backwash water containing the undesirable particles flow harmlessly to drain.

It is this position in which we draw in the air into the tank replenishing the air charge. This is needed to replenish the air which is consumed in the oxidation and precipitation process in the normal service position.

Some units have the option of using an ozone generator during this position to ensure additional oxidation and bacteria control.

This is really not a position but rather a process. As the valve returns to the service position the inlet port is open to the tank, this allows water to fill the tank from the bottom to the top.

As the tank fills, this compresses the dome of air in the top portion of the tank, it is this air (optional ozone) that is used in the oxidizing process of the service run.

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