EVRC Water Softener System in Appleton, Oconomowoc, Green Bay, & Nearby

Eliminating hard water issues with the EVRC water softener

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Does your home have a low water pressure or tap water that tastes bad, stains fixtures, or leaves a film on your hands? These are just some of the signs that your home has a hard water issue, which comes from an excess of minerals, like potassium, magnesium, and calcium in the water. If left untreated, these minerals will begin to corrode your plumbing, eventually causing slower flowing water, rust, leaks, and water contamination.

But there is no reason to worry, Clean Water Center provides an effective hard water treatment with the EVRC water softener system. The EVRC utilizes split tank technology to safeguard your plumbing while eliminating excess minerals that can cause unwanted tastes and odors in your water. With its high-performance resin media and activated carbon configuration, the EVRC is the ideal solution for reducing excess minerals in city water.

Reduce unhealthy, nasty hard water in your home and contact Clean Water Center today. We offer free water treatment estimates to Wisconsin homeowners in Green Bay, Oconomowoc, Appleton, and areas nearby.

Why choose the EVRC water softener system

Create safer, better tasting water with the EVRC water softening system from Clean Water Center. The EVRC system uses split tank technology to keep your plumbing safe while it filters out excess minerals that can cause rusted, leaky plumbing, low water pressure, and nasty water.

The high-performance resin media and activated carbon configuration also makes the EVRC the best water softener system for city water problems. Some other benefits of the EVRC water softener system include:

  • Environmentally friendly split tank design, which means no replacement filters and no second backwash filter
  • More efficient water reduces the need for harsh cleaning chemicals, less color fade on clothing, no hard water buildup, and a longer lifespan for appliances and plumbing
  • Adjustable settings help reduce salt and water use
  • This water softener system is available with W.E.T.

Schedule a free water softener system installation estimate

Looking for a way to deal with hard water problems in the city? Create safer, better tasting, and more pleasant water with the EVRC water softener from Clean Water Center. The EVRC water softener provides superior hard water treatment with its high-performance resin media and activated carbon configuration.

We are your trusted water treatment experts. Contact us today at 1-920-734-7665 or online to schedule a free water softener installation estimate in Dousman, Muskego, Oshkosh, Cedarburg, Neenah, Mequon, West Bend, and nearby Wisconsin!

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    • High Capacity Resin: Reduces Hardness
    • Patented Chlorine Generator: Automatically Cleans System
    • Advanced Electronics: Learns Water Habits and Adjusts Accordingly
    • Low Maintenance Brine Tank: Designed To Streamline Salt
    • Water Efficient Technology® (W.E.T.): W.E.T. is a series of unique settings that when activated create the most efficient water softeners available without sacrificing performance
    • Wripli®: Wripli enabled softeners will use your WiFi connection to give you instant, on the go access to your system. See how much you've saved with W.E.T., view your water usage, receive salt alerts and more!
    • Hardness Removal: 75-100 gpg
    • Iron Removal: Up to 1 ppm
    • Rated Softener Capacity: We offer a variety of tank sizes that range from 13,700 grains at 3.4 lbs. of salt to 69,800 grains at 37 lbs. of salt
    • Dimensions: (Smaller models available. See the full spec. sheet for options.)
      • Softener: 13" W x 62" H
      • Brine Tank: 18" W x 40" H
    • Electrical Requirements: 110-50 Volt / 60 Hertz
    • In-Coming Pipe Size: 1" Diameter
    • Certifications: Gold seal certified to conform to NSF/ANSI 44 standards

Other Available Models


The twin tank system is ideal for around the clock treated water. The electronics will automatically switch for one tank to other, once the capacity is depleted.

That way, quality water continues to flow through your home which the other tank regenerated.

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