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Water Testing in Wisconsin

Water Testing

Find out what's in your water with a free in-home water test.

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Do you want an analysis of your home's water, answers to questions about water treatment, or recommendations on the right system? Start here!

Filter Replacement in Wisconsin

Filter Replacement

We install compatible replacement water filters for many filtration system makes and models for your convenience.

Maintenance & Repairs in Wisconsin

Maintenance & Repairs

Keep your water treatment system running efficiently with service from our trained technicians.

Salt Delivery in Wisconsin

Salt Delivery

Stop worrying about hard water with our convenient water softener salt delivery service for your water softener.

Professional Water Testing and Treatment in Appleton, Oconomowoc, Green Bay

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At Clean Water Center, our mission is to provide the finest, most reliable water treatment products and services available, and with it, our guarantee of customer satisfaction.

Our company has been helping Wisconsin homes and businesses with their water quality issues since 2003, including Appleton, Oconomowoc, Green Bay, Muskego, and surrounding cities. As a member of the nationally-renowned Evolve Series dealers, we offer a variety of proven water treatment solutions, including water softeners, water filters, water conditioners, and much more!

We are proud of our reputation for excellence and provide services for residential, commercial, and office applications. If you're looking for outstanding water treatment products and excellent customer service, we are the company you need to ensure your family receives the high quality water you deserve.

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“John was really fantastic to work with. He installed a water softener and a reverse osmosis unit at my house.”

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Audra H. of Oconomowoc, WI

“Appreciation for diligence in the safety of our staff and customers.”

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Joyce B. of Green Bay, WI

“Clean Water Center will have my business for life!”

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John K. of Oshkosh, WI


Some issues are obvious others may require our comprehensive Water Testing services.

  • Hardness

    Hardness is a result of minerals, such as calcium, that are dissolved in your water. You can't see them, but over time they can wreak havoc on your home. Mineral deposits accumulate in your plumbing, on your faucets, and in your appliances reducing their efficiency and life span.

    Hard water can also take a toll on your skin and hair, leaving it dry and damaged. Today's modern home needs softened water to run at peak performance and keep your family comfortable.

  • Iron

    Your water may seem clear, but it can still cause rust stains if it contains iron. Even small amounts can stain your fixtures and laundry. If your water tastes metallic, it could also be from an iron issue.

    Evolve’s air filters use science to remove iron from your entire home, protecting your investments.

  • Chlorine

    If your water comes from the city, it is treated with chlorine to keep it safe and clean while it is pushed to your home.

    After reaching its destination, these chemicals are no longer necessary and will cause a foul smell, taste, and dry out your skin. Remove chlorine with a smart carbon filter.

  • PH

    Water’s natural pH is neutral, but it can become acidic due to its environment. This lower pH causes the water to deteriorate the plumbing in your home.

    You may experience green staining on your fixtures from the metal being stripped from your pipes and faucets.

    Evolve’s acid neutralizer will correct your water’s pH levels to protect your home.

  • Sulfur

    Does your water consistently smell like rotten eggs? You’ve got a sulfur problem.

    Sulfur occurs naturally and is picked up by water underground and the foul odor can become unbearable when showering, or washing your laundry.

    Using an exclusive air chamber, our filter can tackle even the worst sulfur issues. 

  • Nitrates

    The EPA defines nitrates as one of the main contaminants found in well water.

    Nitrates in your water source are odorless, colorless, and tasteless. Areas associated with industrial agriculture are frequently affected, as well as areas near poorly maintained septic tanks.

    Our drinking water filters help to greatly reduce contaminants in your well water, providing clean drinking water straight from the tap.


We provide quality water treatment products and services that bring you these great benefits.



Treated water provides better drinking water, while creating more supple hair and skin.

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High efficiency homes need quality water to maintain their peak performance.

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Reduce your spending on regular household items with better water.

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We offer these products.


Our unique, high performance softeners will make hard water a thing of the past.

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Using a custom engineered process, conditioners are capable of reducing hardess, iron, manganese, and raising pH in a single pass.

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Clear out contaminants with a filtration system tailored to your specific water needs.

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Drinking Water Systems

Stay happy and healthy with an elite filtration system right at your tap.

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