Case Studies

Water Softener not Regenerating-Fond Du Lac, WI
Scott called in stating his softener from 2002 doesn't seem to be regenerating as it normally does. 
New Water Softener and Sulfur filter - Menasha WI
New homeowners often find that water treatment equipment gets used and abused in the process of a real estate transaction. Bob and Lisa moved in and found their water was...
Sulfur smell in water - Kaukauna WI
Homeowner had sulfur in the water resulting in a rotten egg smell. When the home was originally built the homeowner put in a complicated chlorination/de-chlorination system,...
Strong Sulfur Odor- Suamico, WI
Homeowner stated they have a sulfur odor that seems to be getting stronger.
Sulfur Odor - Freedom, WI
Mrs. O was experiencing a strong sulfor odor.  She gave us a call to come check everything out to find that smell.  Randy our service manager tested the water and...
High Arsenic Levels- Pickett, Wi
Homeowner wanted a solution for an Arsenic problem after being provided water test results that indicated high levels of Arsenic in their water supply.
Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System - Greenville WI
Sometimes our pets are the reason for pursuing better drinking water. This homeowner had concerns about his pets drinking "city water".
Kristin S called in with concerns about a film being on everything in her home. We sent Garrett one of our service technicians out to see what was going on. After testing...
Service Plan - Larsen WI
Dave and Jill were quick to jump onto a service plan when we introduced them a few years back. They have an older unit installed in a very tight location. They enjoy their...
Water Softener Salt Delivery - Hortonville WI
The homeowner contacted us to deliver some Dura Cube salt for their water softener.
Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System for nitrates - Shiocton WI
The homeowner discovered he had nitrate in his well water when the water was tested for a real estate transaction.
Iron and odor after newly installed softener
The homeowners had recently installed a new water softener from a different water treatment company. They had hoped the new water softener would fix all of their water problems,...
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