Case Studies

Brine Tank Full of Water - Chilton, WI
This homeowner reached out to the Clean Water Center with concerns about the water level in their salt storage tank. The water seemed to be rising and was not drawing down...
Water Softener not Regenerating-Fond Du Lac, WI
Scott called in stating his softener from 2002 doesn't seem to be regenerating as it normally does. 
Leaking Softener- Hilbert, WI
This homeowner has a twin tank system that developed a leak over several years of service. 
New Water Softener and Iron Filter- De Pere, WI
Staining and build up on fixtures throught the home had this owner searching for answers. What Bob was noticing were the effects of very high Hardness and Iron levels.
New Water Softener and Sulfur filter - Menasha WI
New homeowners often find that water treatment equipment gets used and abused in the process of a real estate transaction. Bob and Lisa moved in and found their water was...
Sulfur smell in water - Kaukauna WI
Homeowner had sulfur in the water resulting in a rotten egg smell. When the home was originally built the homeowner put in a complicated chlorination/de-chlorination system,...
Strong Sulfur Odor- Suamico, WI
Homeowner stated they have a sulfur odor that seems to be getting stronger.
Sulfur Odor - Freedom, WI
Mrs. O was experiencing a strong sulfor odor.  She gave us a call to come check everything out to find that smell.  Randy our service manager tested the water and...
High Arsenic Levels- Pickett, Wi
Homeowner wanted a solution for an Arsenic problem after being provided water test results that indicated high levels of Arsenic in their water supply.
Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System - Greenville WI
Sometimes our pets are the reason for pursuing better drinking water. This homeowner had concerns about his pets drinking "city water".
Softener not regenerating- Omro, WI
Homeowner wanted softener looked over, as it was not working and he had the unit unplugged
Kristin S called in with concerns about a film being on everything in her home. We sent Garrett one of our service technicians out to see what was going on. After testing...
Water tasting like Iron- Black Creek, WI
Softener has not been serviced in quite some time and water is starting to have a metallic taste. Homeowner believes the overall water quality has gone down. 
Service Plan - Larsen WI
Dave and Jill were quick to jump onto a service plan when we introduced them a few years back. They have an older unit installed in a very tight location. They enjoy their...
Water Softener Salt Delivery - Hortonville WI
The homeowner contacted us to deliver some Dura Cube salt for their water softener.
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