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Older Water Softener Unit Repair- Van Dyne, WI
Mr. B. called in to us to see if we could check over the water treatment equipment in the home.  He felt the unit was not functioning properly.  He was getting a...
New Water Softener and Sulfur filter - Menasha WI
New homeowners often find that water treatment equipment gets used and abused in the process of a real estate transaction. Bob and Lisa moved in and found their water was...
Bio Film in Menasha, WI
 We had a customer of ours reached out to us that they are having iron issues. The customer did have a water softener but still was having issues. We sent out a project...
Sediment Problems From the Well in Menasha, WI
A family in Menasha, who had bought a sulfur filter a few years ago, had been needing maintenance way more than they should. We dispatched a service technician who diagnosed...
Rental Unit Repair- Eldorado, WI
The customer was having plumbing issues recently and they called their local plumber to fix those.  Since then, they lost water pressure.  They called us to see...
Sulfur smell in water - Kaukauna WI
Homeowner had sulfur in the water resulting in a rotten egg smell. When the home was originally built the homeowner put in a complicated chlorination/de-chlorination system,...
High Sulfur, Kaukauna Well Water
We had a customer that has been dealing with high sulfur for a long time. The customer had a chlorination dichlorination system that has been having issues in the last few...
Water Pressure Issues - Little Chute, WI
Mr. M. called us because his reverse osmosis system was losing water pressure after about 2 seconds of running.
Strong Sulfur Odor- Suamico, WI
Homeowner stated they have a sulfur odor that seems to be getting stronger.
Hard City Water in Kimberly
New homes are becoming a bit of a challenge for us to install in.  More and more new homes split their outside water taps and indoor water fixtures right away the main...
Ferric Iron- Oshkosh, WI
We had a customer that has had on and off iron issues for the last couple years. When first testing the water we found a small amount of iron that a water softener should...
Iron Issues In Oshkosh, WI
We had a customer of ours that we installed a new water softener 8 months ago. The customer was very happy with the new system. But in the last couple months they had got...
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