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Water Treatment Upgrade in Watertown, WI

This customer just purchased the home, which came with a rental water treatment unit that the previous homeowners had. She decided that she wanted to purchase her own equipment from us as her parents had equipment installed from us, as well as a Reverse Osmosis Drinking System. 


After calling the Clean Water Center, a Project Coordinator went out to her home to assess the water treatment currently in the home, test the water and talk about options. They found that the kitchen cold line was not on a softened line, as she was finding a lot of calcium build up at the kitchen sink. After discussing options, the customer decided to have us install a new EVR-1044 water softener, as it would help her save money on city water with the WET technology, a ClearFlo Reverse Osmosis, and convert the kitchen cold line to a softened line, so she would no longer find hard water build up in the kitchen sink. 

Reverse Osmosis Drinking System in Franklin, WI

Customer just moved to Wisconsin from another state and wanted to get clean drinking water at his home, so that he did not have to keep buying bottled water. He purchased an RO from a store and wanted us to put it in. We do not install other peoples equipment and when the customer heard that, he decided he wanted to hear what we had to offer. 


A Project Coordinator went out to his house to assess the water, and found that they did not have a water softener installed, but since the city water is from Lake Michigan, so the water was under the 10 gpg of hardness that is recommended when installing a softener.


After educating the customer on the benefits that Our Reverse Osmosis systems have, and that we could install it the same week, the customer called right after the consultation to purchase our equipment and have us install it. We installed it 2 days later for him under the sink, as he did not have a basement, and now his family can enjoy clean drinking water with out having to buy bottled water consistently. 

New Reverse Osmosis in West Allis, WI

Customer met one of the Project Coordinators at a networking event and learned about what we do. She currently had a Reverse Osmosis Drinking System that had been moved from one house to this one year ago. Unit was older and hard to find filters for, so she was looking to upgrade her Reverse Osmosis.


The Project Coordinator met her at her home to assess the water and placement of the new system. The customer informed the Project Coordinator that the holding tank was new and would like to use it along with the new one. We were able to install a few days later, and add the new RO Storage tank with the old one, so that she has extra clean, safe drinking water for her and her family. 

Smelly Water in Wilmot, WI

Customer had been on city water for years and bought a home on well water. After living there for a while, she could not handle the sulfur smell from the water and refused to drink it. Started buying a lot of bottled water for them to drink instead. 


A Project Coordinator went out to her home and tested the water. They found that there was definitely a sulfur smell coming from the water as well as 2.5 ppm of iron. The current softener was older but taking care of the iron. The homeowner was remodeling a lot of the home, including the bathrooms and kitchen eventually. She decided to go with rental units from us. We installed an EVRS-1044 water softener, an EVFE-1054 iron filter for the sulfur and iron, and an UltroWater Reverse Osmosis drinking system, that we also set up to be installed to the fridge when she gets a new one. 


Her water will no longer smell, and she can be confident in drinking the water she is giving to her family. 

Purchase of Water Softener Rental Unit in Muskego, WI

David just purchased his house, and the previous owner had rented equipment from us. He decided he did not want to rent the equipment, but instead purchase. We brought in a new EVRS-1044 water softener and ClearFlo Reverse Osmosis System for his new house. We installed the new equipment and hauled the old Rental Units out for him. He and his family should be all set up in their new home.  

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