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Water Softener & Iron Filter Install in Wrightstown, WI

The homeowner did not have any previous equipment in the home.  They were showing signs of hard water and iron in their toilets, tubs and applicances. We removed the iron with the iron filter (EVFE-1248) and stopped the damage to their applicances with the water softener (ES-1044).  

Water Softener Replacement - Howard, WI

Hard water build up throughout the home had this homeowner needing to replace their 15 year old softener. With the install of our ES-1044 softener, we are happy to provide softened water for years to come!

Reverse Osmosis Install - Kaukauna, WI

The homeowner did not like the taste of the Kaukauna water and he asked us to install a Reverse Osmosis system.  He did not have a filtration system in place before and now him and his family are enjoying the great taste of fresh and clean water.  Our service manager Randy installed this system and he did a nice, clean install.

Combo Softener & Iron Filter Install - Neenah, WI

Homeowner currently was using a competitors iron filter and softener and was getting iron staining. They were looking to update and have minimal equipment because there was not a lot of space in the basement.  We installed an EV2-1054 which is an all in one iron filter and softener and solved all of their water issues. 

Neenah - WI - Iron & Sulfur Issues - Backwash Filter Install EVAIR-1054

Homeowner was having iron breakthrough and sulfur smell throughout the home.  We installed a backwash filter (EVAIR-1054) for iron and/or sulfur to fix their problems.  

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