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New Water Softener to Fix Hard Water in Neshkoro, WI

Mr. and Mrs. J. moved out of the city and into the country in Neshkoro. They found the perfect trailer to spend their future days, but being on a well brought about issues they hadn't had to deal with in the past. The trailer they moved into had no water treatment equipment whatsoever, so all appliances and fixtures were being harmed by hardness and iron. Because of their concerns, we sent a Project Coordinator out to assess the situation and see what we could do to help. Due to the limited space that was allowed to work with in the trailer, we had to get creative. Traditionally we prefer installing a water softener that has the media tank separate from the brine tank, but due to the lack of space for such a set up, we custom built a "cabinet" unit. this was able to fit in the closet of the homeowner by the water heater and pressure tank to remove the staining level of iron and the hardness in the water. 


Mrs. B was experiencing brown water coming from the faucet and had concerns about her 10+ year old water softeners' capabilities. After installing our EVRS water softener, we now had treatment in place that is now able to handle the iron levels coming from the well. 


Mr. and Mrs. P. were having issues with their water quality, so they gave us a call and had a technician out. Our technician found that there was iron and hard water break through. Due to the findings, a consult was scheduled so that we could find the best piece of equipment that would efficiently take care of their iron and hard water issues. After further testing of the water, it was found that the EVFE iron filter and the EVRS water softener was the best fit for their home.


Mr. and Mrs. S had moved into a new home that had a well as the water source and noticed a rotten-egg like smell, and it wasn't the most appealing to drink either. The equipment that was there addressed sulfur and the hardness of the water, but was unable to do so successfully. We applied our EV2-1054-MIN in this case because it's our "All-in-one" system; it can handle higher iron levels, some odor, and hard water, so in order to save our customers on cost and potential maintenance, we went with this option that had the Lifetime Warranty. To address their drinking water quality, we also installed our State Certified Ultroflow Reverse Osmosis that provides an 80%-98% reduction in everything else that is in the water. This system provides bottled water quality from their on water source. They now have odor free water and enjoy drinking the water on a regular basis.

New Softener and Iron Filter - Pickett, WI

With a softener and iron filter nearly 12 years old, this homeowner decided it was time to replace. After meeting with our Project Coordinator and going over their specific water results. It was decided that the Evolve Softener and Evolve Iron Filter would be the best combination to give them quality water for years to come. 

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