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Water Softener Replacement - Appleton, WI

Water Softener Replacement - Appleton, WI

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Water Softener Replacement - Appleton, WI Water Softener Replacement - Appleton, WI

High Iron levels and Hardness breakthrough made it obvious to this homeowner that something was wrong, The age of the previous softener made it an easy choice for the homeowner to purchase new equipment. This is our Evolve series softener.

New Softener & Sulfur Filter - Appleton, WI

New Softener & Sulfur Filter - Appleton, WI

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New Softener & Sulfur Filter - Appleton, WI New Softener & Sulfur Filter - Appleton, WI

Mr. and Mrs. B were experiencing a terrible odor that caused them to not enjoy drinking their water, but they also didn't have a water softener in place, so calcium build up was prevalent with 17gpg of hardness. After meeting with our project coordinator and further assessing the situation, we found that the EVR-1044U in combination with the EVS-1354 would be the perfect remedy for Mr. and Mrs. B's concerns. They no longer have to handle clorox/bleach regularly, the rotten egg-like odor was removed and soft water is now running through all lines to protect the home.



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Homeowners in Appleton that were on well water were having iron staining and pungent sulfur smells. Their older water softener was unable to keep up with the iron levels coming through, and was doing nothing for the noticeable odor, so they had us come in for a consultation. We found higher iron levels, and trace amounts of sulfur odor that allowed us to apply our Zeolite system in this particular situation. The EV2-1054-MIN is what our customers choose when we're addressing hardness, high iron, and some odors as well; the all-in-one approach simplifies the treatment for private homeowners and allows us to take care of numerous concerns in ONE tank. Now Mr. M and Mr. L will have all of their water quality concerns resolved by only applying a single piece of equipment.

Water Treatment Contractor in Appleton, WI

It has been about a month since we’ve had our unit installed and are enjoying all the benefits of soft,...
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Reviews From Appleton
Testimonials From Appleton
Just wanted to say thank you for your due diligence and quick response to installing the clean water to our ice-maker! We really appreciate all that Clean...
Testimonial by Pam H. from Appleton, WI
We are very happy with the sales, service and professional courtesy extended to us with our new water softener system.
Testimonial by Bill & Laurie S. from Appleton, WI

Safe and healthy water leads to a safe and healthy Appleton, WI home

Water makes up roughly 60% of the human body. It is no wonder that access to good, clean water is essential for comfort and good health. However, hard water and contaminants can easily lessen the quality of your water.

At Water-Right's Clean Water Center it is our mission to provide the most reliable water treatment products and services available today. With quality products including whole home water filters, water softeners, and water conditioners, we have everything you need to keep your water soft and clean.

Don't wait until hard or dirty water becomes a major problem! Contact us today and schedule your free estimate in Appleton, WI!

Water softeners in Appleton, WI

Hard Water is water that is unusually high in mineral content (generally calcium and magnesium). This hard water can cause clogs in your plumbing and is also far less effective when used for washing.

If you have hard water we can help you soften it again with our quality water softeners. All our water softeners use cutting edge technology to cost-effectively strip the negative minerals from your water, leaving you with nice soft water. Our water softener systems are:

  • EVR Water Softener
  • EVRS Water Softener
  • EVRC Water Softener
  • ES Water Softener

Whole home water filters in Appleton, WI

Unfiltered water can be another major issue for your home. As it travels water easily picks up contaminants, dirt, and other impurities that can cause health issues for you and your family. That's why we offer some of the best whole house filtration systems on the market including:

  • EVS Water Filtration System
  • EVFE Water Filtration System
  • EVBF Water Filtration System

All of these filters can help you keep your water clean and your family and guests safe.

Water Conditioners in Appleton, WI

Sulfur and acidic compounds in your water can also be a major problem leading to bad smells and tastes. If you notice bad smells or tastes coming from your water then don’t panic. We offer two quality water conditioner systems that can clear these contaminants from your water. Our two systems are:

  • EV1 Conditioner System
  • EV2 Conditioner System

Other water treatment services in Appleton, WI:

  • Drinking Water Filters
  • Water Treatment System Repair
  • Filter Replacement
  • Salt Delivery
  • Water Testing

Do you want quality, clean water? Contact us today by clicking below or calling 1-866-450-0116 to learn more and schedule your free estimate in Appleton, WI!

Case Studies From Appleton
Mrs. O was experiencing a strong sulfor odor. She gave us a call to come check everything out to find that smell. Randy our service manager tested...
Job Stories From Appleton, WI
Service needed on a water softener - Appleton WI

The homeowner called us to come out to service his IM-1044.  We came out, tested the water and made sure everything was working properly.

Reverse Osmosis filter changes - Appleton WI

The homeowners asked us to come out to change their yearly Eclipse reverse osmosis filters.  We tested the water to make sure all was good before we left. 

Reverse Osmosis filter changes - Appleton WI - Photo 1
Reverse Osmosis Filter Replacement - Appleton WI

Mr and Mrs S. scheduled an appointment with us to change out their reverse osmosis filters on their Eclipse system.  Shae, our technician then tested the water to make sure their water quality was top notch. 

Reverse Osmosis Filter Replacement - Appleton WI - Photo 1
Monthly Salt Delivery - Appleton

A commercial account called to schedule a salt delivery. Our technician Shae brought them out some solar salt and tested the water to make sure all was good with the unit.  Thanks for your business!!!

Low Reverse Osmosis Pressure - Appleton WI

Carol called us to check over her RO system.  She told us that her water pressure was extremely low.  Upon examination of her current equipment, Carol decided it was time to upgrade her water treatment to a newer one.  Thank you Carol for letting us help you get fantastic drinking water again.  

Low Reverse Osmosis Pressure - Appleton WI - Photo 1
Leaky Water Softener - Appleton, WI

Homeowner had a small leak coming from the water softener and that they had some occasional odors in the water.  We were able to repair the leak and tested the water.  When testing the water, we noticed iron break through past the filters.  We did recommend that the iron filter would need to be replaced.  

Impression Reverse Osmosis Filter Change- Appleton, WI

Mr. and Mrs. D have a Impression Reverse Osmosis system in their home.  Every year we go to their home to change their pre, post and inline filters and test their water to make sure that their water consumption is top notch.  

Work Requests From Appleton, WI
Vicinity of Winrowe Court in Appleton
Would like to set up salt delivery again. 10 bags. Also want to look at the RO system. Not getting enough pressure to fridge water dispenser. may need to move tank up closer to ceiling????? Do u guys deliver on Saturday mornings? Can email me. [email protected] Thanks Jude can text me too. 4026182274
Vicinity of E Thornbrook Ln in Appleton
We are looking for at least a water filter for our drinking water, to get all of the chlorine, flouride, and everything else out of it, and are interested in a whole house system as well, depending upon the cost.
Vicinity of in Appleton
Replace old CR-200 w/ MIN-PLUS unit. Water softener no longer working. Strong sulfur smell.
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