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Renovating the Basement
The customer called because he had very old equipment in. He was looking to renovate his basement and needed the equipment moved and thought this would be the perfect time...
Household Water Treatment - Cedarburg, WI
Mr. D's home is on a well water system.  He called us because he knew he had arsenic in the water as well as hard water and iron.  
No Equipment, Hard Water Issues
The customer is on city water and was finding hard water spots all over his household. They did not have any equipment and never had a softener before. The customer called...
No Equipment, Hard Water Issues in Germantown, WI
The customer called the Clean Water Center as they had just moved into the house, and wanted to make sure that all of their new appliances and fixtures stayed as new as possible....
Brand New Home With Hard and Chlorinated Water in Germantown, WI
The customer just moved into a newly built beautiful home and started to see signs of hard water. They also did not like the amount of Chlorine that was coming into the house...
Smelly Water in Fredonia, WI
This customer called in as he was finding that his water started getting a very bad smell to it. He had stated that he had just replaced the Anode rod in the water heater...
Softener for high Chlorine on City Water in Sussex, Wi
Customer called into the Clean Water Center as he was just starting to build a brand new home and was concerned with chlorine on city water as he had been on a well before....
Arsenic in Water
The customer found that they have a slight amount of Arsenic in the water, and even though, it wasn't an unsafe amount, he wanted to make sure his family was safe. 
No Equipment, Hard Water Issues
The customer had just purchased an old home in Jackson and found hard water issues all around his house. He also did not like the taste of his water. He is on city water with...
Guests Complaining of Smelly Water in Hubertus, WI
The customer owned an Airbnb for his lake house in Hubertus and the guests were complaining of the water smelling really bad. The homeowner was buying a lot of bottled water...
Drinking Water Concerns in Hubertus, WI
This customer had purchased the house not too long ago, and there was a little bit of Arsenic found in the water when they bought the house. They were concerned about drinking...
Bad Tasting City Water in Hartland, WI
This customer just moved into the area from the Fox Valley. They used to have a Reverse Osmosis Drinking system at their old house, and really wanted to get one installed...
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