Sulfur in Your Home's Water


Sulfur in Your Home\'s Water - Image 1Sulfur in Your Home's Water

Does your home's water have a rotten egg smell?

If you said “yes,” the most common culprit is sulfur that has found its way into your water supply. Sulfur is found in many home's water supplies in areas around Appleton, Gren Bay, Oshkosh,  and Fond Du Lac. Sulfur occurs naturally and is picked up by water underground as it travels to your home.  

The foul odor can become unbearable when showering, or washing your laundry. It usually comes from a lack of oxygen in a well, which produces hydrogen sulfide gas. It can also occur as a result of sulfur-containing chemical reactions in the groundwater.

How Do I Get Rid of It?

EVSSince sulfur is a gas caused by an absence of oxygen in the well, the most effective way to eliminate the smell is to install an air filter equipped with catalytic carbon. Water passes through the air chamber at the top of the tank which converts the sulfur gas into a solid. These solids can then be easily filtered by the carbon. The system uses air and water to eliminate the issue in an environmentally friendly way. To learn more about how it works, visit the EVS product page.

It’s important to remember that although odorous water can be a nuisance, it’s typically not a health concern. If you only experience this sulfur smell when running hot water from the faucet or in the shower, it may be a chemical reaction occurring inside your water heater, not your water supply.

To be certain of your water’s odor source and remove the pesky smell, contact us for a free water analysis.

Save yourself time and money with the help of a water filtration system. Learn more about our various filter products that help treat your water and remove contaminants for good.

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