5 Ways to Save with Treated Water


5 Ways to Save with Treated Water

5 Ways to Save with Treated Water - Image 1

Did you know that treated water opposed to untreated water can reduce monthly costs, energy usage, and the amount of detergent needed to thoroughly clean your household items? Here are just a few examples of how.


1. Save on Soaps

The Water Quality Research Foundation (WQRF) recently organized a study based on a series of experiments carried out by Scientific Services and Battelle to compare how various doses of laundry and dish detergent are affected by the hardness of water. When washed with soft water,  stained fabric in the experiment required about 50% of the detergent that was needed for hard water.


That means for the average household spending more than $100 on just detergent each year, switching to treated water could save you up to $50 on laundry soap alone. Treated water can also save you money on shampoos and conditioners, body wash and hand soap, by using minimal amounts for full effectiveness.


2. Use Less Cleaning Supplies

The same goes for your cleaning supplies. Using treated water to clean anything can be very efficient. Treated water makes it easy for soaps to form suds, therefore using small amounts of detergent or chemicals can be just as impactful when cleaning your tub or toilet. Dish detergents can be used in efficient amounts.


Another way treated water can save on cleaning supplies is minimum wear on things like mops and sponges. These cleaning tools can last a long time with treated water, whereas untreated or hard water minerals will stick to these items, wearing them out quickly.


Keep New Clothes New3. Keep New Clothes New

Treated water will make your clothes last. Washing clothes in soft water will help maintain their color, quality and softness for years. So, there is no need to replace your favorite shirt, socks, or jeans every six months due to extreme wearing that hard water can cause.


4. No More Buying Bottled Water

When you treat your home's drinking water with a Reverse Osmosis system there is no need to purchase bottled water. You can have clean safe water to drink right from the tap. With all that savings maybe you can buy a fancy water bottle for yourself, one that glows.


Save Energy5. Save Energy

Treated water can save on energy costs in the home as well. Water heating is second only to heating your actual home when it comes to energy use. So it stands to reason that you’ll want your water heater to be running efficiently. The best way to do that is to make sure your water heater is on soft water. An efficient water heater can save you as much as 29% per year on water heating costs.


It is also important to have an efficient water softener, like the Evolve Series® EVR and EVRC that are equipped with W.E.T. (Water Efficient Technology.)


Treat Your Water and Start Saving  

Hard water contains minerals like magnesium and calcium that can cause headaches in your home. If you’re like 89.3% of households in the United States, your home probably has hard water. It is extremely common near cities like Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh and Fond Du Lac. You may not know it, but this could be costing you hundreds of dollars in cleaning products and even more in wasted energy when it comes to heating your home and washing your clothes and dishes.

Treating your Northeast, WI home's water with something like an Evolve Series® softener can remove these nuisance minerals, saving your home lots of money and energy. We have only listed some of the ways above. Contact us today and find out what you can do to save on household items and energy.


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