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New Water Softener- Sheboygan, WI

Mrs. H. had a 5 year old big box store water softener. The system was not working and could not be repaired. Mrs. H. wanted a system that would last longer and perform better. Mrs. H. went with our EVR softener. With the EVR she can be insured that she will have nice, soft water! She also took advantage of our maintenance plan, so she longer needs to worry about it not working, plus she does not have to carry salt downstairs!

New Water Softener in Maribel, WI

Mr. and Mrs. E had a storm that caused issues with their Twin Water Softener and they needed something to replace it quickly due to their extremely hard water. After meeting with and talking to Mr. and Mrs. E, it was found that a Twin System was a little bit over-kill and that we could take care of their water conditions with a single water softener. The EVRS seemed to be the best fit for them and they are now experiencing softened, iron-free water. 

Iron Filter- Campbellsport, WI

Mr. K. and his family live in Milwaukee and have a lake home in Campbellsport, WI. They had a much older Water Right water softener in place and this was original from when they first purchased, but it was no longer functioning properly. Mr. K stated that even when it was working well, they still received stains and odors. After testing the water for iron, sulfur, and other water conditions, we found that they had sulfur present, which causes a rotten egg smell in the water. Not just that, but iron kept finding it's way past the water softener as well. Because of these concerns, we found that the EVFE iron filter was going to be the best for for this family's lake home. It is capable of removing iron and lower levels of sulfur in one piece of equipment. The K. family now has odorless water that doesn't stain their fixtures and appliances; not just that, but because of those two concerns being addressed, the water is now tasting much better than before. 

Maintenance Plan Renewal- Chilton, WI

The homeowner had us install a new water softener in 2011.  At that point of time of purchased they agreed on using our maintenance plan agreement to keep the warranty on the unit.  Every year we come out to the home to do a 10 point performance check on the water treatment equipment and take care of the annual maintenance.  We also deliver their salt to their home and test the water before and after the treatment equipment to make sure everything is working to standards.  

High Hardness Level - Chilton, WI

Mr. and Mrs. S. were having extreme hardness breakthrough with their current water softener.  They needed some help because this hardness was eating away at their fixtures, appliances and dishes.  Nate, our retail manager, met with the homeowners to discuss potential correction issues.  Their current softener could not keep up with all the hardness.  Nate was able to educate the homeowners on a few different equipment options.  The homeowners elected to go with our EVRS-1054 unit. This unit removes minerals that stain your plumbing fixtures and eliminates odors and foul tastes. reduces the hardness and minimizes water and salt use to save them money.



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