Water That Smells Like Rotten Eggs Solution - Menasha, WI

Mr. W. lives in Menasha, WI on a particular road that is notorious for high levels of sulfur; sulfur gas causes rotten egg-like odor in the water. In the past he had gone through numerous pieces of equipment with different companies until he found us. Years ago he installed our EVS sulfur filter that has solved his sulfur problem. However, recently he started to notice a little bit of that smell breaking through once more and he had recently rebedded his media in the filter. A Project Coordinator was sent out and it was found that the well casing was coming up from the well and plugging up the valve to his sulfur filter and this was the cause of the break through. Well casing is common sediment to see come up from a well, but it can most definitely cause build up and damage. After finding the source of the problem, we installed our Twist II Clean sediment filter prior to all treatment equipment and for peace of mind, we installed a much smaller sulfur filter after all treatment as a fail safe. Mr. W. no longer is concerned about a foul odor in his home from the water. 

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