Products Case Studies: Reverse Osmosis & Whole House Filtration in De Pere, WI

Monday, March 30th, 2020 by Jason Ramirez


Mr. and Mrs. S. wanted to get the best water quality that they could for their home. They are living in De Pere on municipal water and asked for treatment that would be best for their home, them personally, and their grand baby. The caveat though, was that they did not want to soften their water. Mr. S. did not want to keep up with salt usage for any reason. Water softening is typically step number one in regards to water treatment due to the corrosiveness of hard water. We had to find a solution that would take care of the homeowners' concerns, but not "soften" their water. 


After a consultation with one of our Project Coordinators, it was found that we could provide treatment without a water softener. Although we would not be softening water and hardness would still be present, there was still improvements that could be made. The recommendation that was made and followed was a whole house filter that provides lead, chlorine, cyst reduction (and more) and an Ultroflow Reverse Osmosis system that provides an 80%-98% reduction of EVERYTHING in the water. The reverse osmosis however, is exclusively point of use and feeds a separate drinking faucet and the refrigerator. We were able to find a solution that solved all concerns, but avoided treatment that the customer did not desire. If there's a way, we'll find it. 

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