Services Case Studies: Service Plan - Larsen WI

Friday, November 2nd, 2018 by Mike Hanten


Dave and Jill were quick to jump onto a service plan when we introduced them a few years back. They have an older unit installed in a very tight location. They enjoy their water and wanted to ensure that it would be good every day of the year.


Because Dave and Jill are on the service plan, we reached out to them schedule their annual service visit (they don't have to remember to call us). We scheduled a date and time for our service technician Kyle to visit their home. Kyle delivered their year’s supply of solar salt, changed the injector and screen on the softener, and tested the water before and after the treatment equipment. Dave and Jill are all set for the year, and if something were to go wrong before next year, all labor on any additional call would be covered.

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