Clean Water Center Case Studies: Drinking Water in Grafton, WI

Wednesday, December 9th, 2020 by Jason Ramirez


Mrs. H. reached out to us because she was incredibly unhappy with her quality of drinking water. She expressed concern over the iron and hardness she had noticed, but believed her water softener to be working. So she asked that we come out and assess the situation.


After further investigation, water testing, and scoping plumbing, it was found that the kitchen cold water line was untreated and not going through her water softener. However, it was also found that she did not prefer the taste of softened water as well. With getting to know Mrs. H. and her situation more, we found that a reverse osmosis drinking system was the best fit. This is where the Ultroflow Reverse Osmosis found its place and now Mrs. H. is happy with her drinking water quality because there are no concerns of iron and hardness in the water, but she also does not have to revert to drinking her softened water either. 

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