Water-Right's Clean Water Center Case Studies: New Softener with Maintenace Plan - Pulaski

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 by Mike Hanten


Kristin S called in with concerns about a film being on everything in her home. We sent Garrett one of our service technicians out to see what was going on. After testing the water before and after the unit, we determined that the water softener was not treating the water at all.


Garrett dug into the unit and discovered a multitude of issues with the aging unit. After discussing options with our project coordinator Nate F, Kristin soon decided that it made more sense to install a new unit than attempt to repair a softener that had lived a long life. A new Evolve water softener with a maintenance plan was installed. Now Kristin has worry free water and a water treatment company to support her treatment equipment for years to come!

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