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Mrs. B was experiencing brown water coming from the faucet and had concerns about her 10+ year old water softeners' capabilities. After installing our EVRS water softener, we now had treatment in place that is now able to handle the iron levels coming from the well. 

Iron in Water- Berlin, WI

Iron in Water- Berlin, WI

Before After
Iron in Water- Berlin, WI Iron in Water- Berlin, WI

We had a customer reach out because he had a rental property that was having iron issues. We sent out one of our project coordinators to test the water too see what we can do to help. After testing the water and checking out the current set up, we found the current systems would not be able to handle the water conditions. We recommended an iron filter and water softener. The homeowner agreed and we installed a new iron filter and water softener. After the installation the customer is happy the iron is no longer in the water.

Water Treatment & Conditioner System Company in Berlin, WI

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Good water is essential for keeping your home and your family comfortable and healthy. At Clean Water Center we understand this more than anyone and, as a member of the Evolve family of dealers, we provide a wide range of quality water treatment solutions so you can enjoy good water in your home.

Do you have hard water? Are you struggling with a foul smell or concerned about contaminants? Our wide selection of water treatment solutions from water filters to water softeners, water conditioners, and more can meet whatever needs you have.

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Our water treatment solutions in Berlin, WI

There are a variety of problems that can occur with drinking water. That’s why we offer a wide range of solutions including:

  • Water Conditioners
  • Whole House Water Filters
  • Water Softeners
  • Drinking-Water Filters
  • Water Treatment System Repair
  • Filter Replacement
  • Salt Delivery
  • Water Testing

Do you have foul-smelling, dirty, or hard water? Contact us today and schedule your free estimate in Berlin, WI!

Case Studies From Berlin
The new home owner went to his house one day after purchasing the house, but before they had moved in, and found that all the pipes had frozen due to...
Homeowner was attempting to sell home, but through inspection found high levels of Arsenic in the water.
The customer has noticed an increase in salt usage and the water has a salty taste. Also, the softener has never been serviced and was installed in...
Job Stories From Berlin, WI
Routine Annual Maintenance - Berlin, WI

Mr. and Mrs. E. are on our annual maintenance plan for their water softener.  Every year our service technicians come out to the home to inspect the equipment.  Kyle went out to the home to clean the system up and test the water to make sure the everything was properly functioning.  

Routine Annual Maintenance - Berlin, WI - Photo 1
Water Softener Service- Berlin, WI

Mr. T reached out to us regaurding the water softener that was installed by a plumber in 2012 that was having some issues. Are service tech Kyle was able to diagnose that the brine draw piston was not working. Kyle was able to replace this and have Mr. T's softener working like it should again. We offer service on most water softeners. Feel free to reach out to us regurding service on your existing water softener. 

Salt Delivery - Berlin, WI

Mrs. H called us to see if we could bring some salt for her softener out to her home and down to her basement for her.  The office was able to send Kyle down within the week for her.  He filled the brine tank up and tested the water to make sure the water treatment equipment was working properly for her. 

Salt Delivery - Berlin, WI - Photo 1
Iron tasting water - Berlin, Wisconsin

Mrs. H called us because her water was tasting like iron.  Randy cleaned her Iron filter unit up and tested the water before and after water treatment to make sure everything was working properly.  Thank you Mrs. H for letting us help you with our service needs. 

Iron tasting water - Berlin, Wisconsin - Photo 1
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