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Reverse Osmosis Install - Kaukauna, WI

Reverse Osmosis Install - Kaukauna, WI

Before After
Reverse Osmosis Install - Kaukauna, WI Reverse Osmosis Install - Kaukauna, WI

The homeowner did not like the taste of the Kaukauna water and he asked us to install a Reverse Osmosis system.  He did not have a filtration system in place before and now him and his family are enjoying the great taste of fresh and clean water.  Our service manager Randy installed this system and he did a nice, clean install.

New Softener - Kaukauna, WI

New Softener - Kaukauna, WI

Before After
New Softener - Kaukauna, WI New Softener - Kaukauna, WI

Mr. and Mrs. L live in a place where water softeners are a necessity to increase longevity of household appliances and fixtures. When their water softener was no longer providing working grade water, they spoke with one of our Inspectors who presented at their place of work and set up a FREE consultation with our Project Coordinator. After finding 42gpg of hardness coming through the lines, and 1.5ppm of chlorine coming from the city, we found that the EVRC was the best fit. The carbon in the EVRC helped to pull the chlorine out of the water so that it no longer had the chemical smell or taste, and their 42gpg was brought down to 0-3gpg range to increase the efficiency and lifespan of their in-home fixtures.

Softener Install- Kaukauna, WI

Softener Install- Kaukauna, WI

Before After
Softener Install- Kaukauna, WI Softener Install- Kaukauna, WI

The homeowners had an older water softener that was never serviced on a yearly basis.  With Kaukauna's very hard water the old unit was not keeping up.  Nate was able to do a free consult in the home.  Mr. and Mrs. R were concerned about all the fixtures and appliances in the home with the old unit not keeping up.  Mrs. also do not like the smell of the chlorine in the water.  Nate came up with the EVRC-1354 unit to help fix all of the needs of the homeowners and save them on the amount of salt the homeowner would use throughout the year and the amount of water they would save during the regen cycle.  Randy and Nate installed the system in a very quick turn around.  

Water Filter, Softener, and Conditioner System Installation Contractor in Kaukauna

Nate and Randy did a fantastic job from start to finish!!...
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Good water is essential for keeping your home and your family comfortable and healthy. At Clean Water Center we understand this more than anyone and, as a member of the Evolve family of dealers, we provide a wide range of quality water treatment solutions so you can enjoy good water in your home.

Do you have hard water? Are you struggling with a foul smell or concerned about contaminants? Our wide selection of water treatment solutions from water filters to water softeners, water conditioners, and more can meet whatever needs you have.

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There are a variety of problems that can occur with drinking water. That’s why we offer a wide range of solutions including:

  • Water Conditioners
  • Whole House Water Filters
  • Water Softeners
  • Drinking-Water Filters
  • Water Treatment System Repair
  • Filter Replacement
  • Salt Delivery
  • Water Testing

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Case Studies From Kaukauna
Homeowner had sulfur in the water resulting in a rotten egg smell. When the home was originally built the homeowner put in a complicated...
We had a customer that has been dealing with high sulfur for a long time. The customer had a chlorination dichlorination system that has been having...
Job Stories From Kaukauna, WI
Water Pressure & Iron Filter Issues- Kaukauna, WI

The homeowners had a loss of water pressure in the home and their iron filter was making odd noises.  Garrett, our tech, went over to the home to inspect what was going on.  He checked over various areas in the home for water pressure.  Garrett was able to determine that the iron filter was clogged and changed a few parts to get the unit to function properly again.  He then tested the water before he left the home and everything looked great and was working fine. 

Water Pressure & Iron Filter Issues- Kaukauna, WI - Photo 1
Metallic Smell and Taste - Kaukauna, WI

The homeowners called in to see if we could help them out.  After their unit recycled, they were getting a metallic smell and taste in their water.  They were getting hard water deposits and film coming from their dishwasher.  Garrett, our technician, was able to go to the home to scope out the situation.  He found that the unit was not properly regening and a part was leaking. He was able to replace the parts that were needed and get the unit back up and running.  

Metallic Smell and Taste - Kaukauna, WI - Photo 1
Salt delivery for local business- Kaukauna, WI

This local business has a car wash and needs soft water to clean the cars. We deliver a pallet of salt every few months to make sure there is always enough salt to keep the water soft.

Lots of salt use- Kaukauna

Ms. K had reached out to use regarding the amount of salt she has been going through. Are tech Kyle took a look at the programing and made sure it was correct. Kyle let Ms. K know that with her very hard water she will use a lot more salt to treat the water. Ms. K was happy to know there was no issues with the softener. 

Lots of salt use- Kaukauna - Photo 1
Setting up softener- Kaukauna

Mr. W had got a water softener and needed help with settting it up. Are tech Garrett was able to help set up the softener for Mr. W's water conditions and water use in the home. Mr. W was happy that we where able to set up a his water softener even though he did not get his softener from us. 

R.O. location change- Kaukauna

Mr. R had their current R.O. system under the kitchen sink. When the R.O. system makes water there is some noise it makes and he did not like the noise it made. Are service team was able to re-locate to the basement where we recommend to have it located. Mr. R was happy that he no longer can hear the R.O. system. 

R.O. location change- Kaukauna - Photo 1
Error Code on Unit - Kaukauna, WI

Mr. and Mrs. A called us because their unit was flashing an error code.  The unit was not using the salt in the brine tank.  Shae changed out a few parts, tested the water and regened the unit to make sure all was working properly.  

Error Code on Unit - Kaukauna, WI - Photo 1
Unit not using salt- Kaukauna, WI

The homeowner called us concerned that their water treatment equipment was not going through salt.  The office sent Kyle, the tech, out to the home to see if he could remedy the situation.  He found the unit running to the drain and hard water in the home.  He was able to change a few parts and then tested the water again to be sure the unit was properly functioniong before he left.

Unit not using salt- Kaukauna, WI - Photo 1
Yellow Water and Iron smell - Kaukauna, WI

Mrs. F called us to see if we could help her out with her yellow water and the smell of iron.  We were able to send Layke out to the home to test the water.  He cleaned both the softener and iron filter out and changed some parts.  After he was done, Layke tested the water to make sure the water treatment equipment was working properly.  

Yellow Water and Iron smell - Kaukauna, WI - Photo 1
Softener Service - Kaukauna, Wisconsin

THe homehowers were not sure if their water softener was working properly.  They had water in the brine tank that didnt seem to be going down properly.  Layke was able to head out to the home and check out the equipment.  He noticed some leaking parts.  The unit was very old and we recommened a consult for new equipment. 

Softener Service - Kaukauna, Wisconsin - Photo 1
Yearly Maintenance - Kaukauna, WI

Mr. P called us looking for yearly maintenance on his water treatment equipment.  Randy, our service manager, was able check the system over and take care of the preventative maintenance and tested the water to make sure the equipment was working properly.

Yearly Maintenance - Kaukauna, WI - Photo 1
Service Call - Kaukauna WI

Steve M called in because his unit had a low salt alarm go off but the brine tank had salt in it. We sent our service technician Layke out to the home. Layke tested the water, reviewed the settings on the softener, and ran the unit through the regeneration cycles. The unit appeared to be working, however after further review Layke discovered a colony of spiders in the brine tank where the water gets pulled out of the brine tank and into the softener. We cleaned out the brine tank and topped it off with salt. The unit is working at peak performance again!


Service Call - Kaukauna WI - Photo 1
Request for Salt & Filter Changes - Kaukauna WI

Homeowner reached out to us to schechdule and appointment for us to bring them their salt and change the filters on their reverse osmosis system.  We also tested the water to make sure all was working well.

Request for Salt & Filter Changes - Kaukauna WI - Photo 1
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