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New Iron Filter Installed in Ixonia, WI

New Iron Filter Installed in Ixonia, WI

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New Iron Filter Installed in Ixonia, WI New Iron Filter Installed in Ixonia, WI

This customer had the Clean Water Center come out to take a look at his water treatment equipment. He was having water pressure issues, and when he had a plumber come out, he suggested the customer call us. After inspection of the equipment, the technician found an old Iron Curtain from 1998. With the age of the Iron Curtain, the technician suggested he replace the iron curtain as it was most likely clogged up with iron. 


We replaced the Iron Curtain with an EVFE-1252 Iron Filter. The customer is happy as his water pressure is back to normal. He decided to sign up for a Service Plan so that we can help him maintain all of his water treatment equipment from now on, so that he doesn't find himself with this issue again. 

Clean Drinking Water in Ixonia, WI

Clean Drinking Water in Ixonia, WI

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Clean Drinking Water in Ixonia, WI Clean Drinking Water in Ixonia, WI

This customer had been living in the home for about a year, and had older water treatment equipment from 2006. They were buying a lot of bottled water as they did not like the taste of their water, and they were getting sick of buying so much. They were also noticing a lot of water spots on their coffee pot. 


They called the Clean Water Center to see what we could do for them for their water situation and see if we would recommend new equipment. A Project Coordinator came out to the home, and found that the equipment was softening the water, but there was some Ferric Iron sneaking past the softener. Also, the kitchen cold was not on a softened line, causing the hard water spots and build up at the kitchen sink. She recommended if they did not want to see anymore staining throughout the home, they should install an iron filter, with a new softener, and a reverse osmosis drinking system for the taste of the water concerns. Also, recommended we change the kitchen cold line to a softened line, to help with the calcium build up in the kitchen. 


The customer decided to have us install a Reverse Osmosis for them for now, as the softener was working and they were not concerned about cleaning the iron stains. The also had us convert the kitchen cold line to a softened line. Eventually the would like a whole new system, but the drinking water was their main concern at the moment. Clean Water Center will always work with our customers to ensure you get the solution that is right for you!

New Iron Filter Installed in Ixonia, WI

New Iron Filter Installed in Ixonia, WI

Before After
New Iron Filter Installed in Ixonia, WI New Iron Filter Installed in Ixonia, WI

This customer called the Clean Water Center for service as their Iron Filter was making a lot of noise. They had just moved into the home not too long ago. She said she spends a lot of money to have hair dyed and did not want to take a shower to risk her hair turning orange from the amount of iron in the water. The service tech went out to the home, and found the Iron Curtain was almost 20 years old, and recommended  a new one for them. All the other equipment was still working well, so they did not need a new softener. 


The customer decided to rent a new EVFE-1054 iron filter from us and the new equipment was installed the next day for them.

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Good water is essential for keeping your home and your family comfortable and healthy. At Clean Water Center we understand this more than anyone and, as a member of the Evolve family of dealers, we provide a wide range of quality water treatment solutions so you can enjoy good water in your home.

Do you have hard water? Are you struggling with a foul smell or concerned about contaminants? Our wide selection of water treatment solutions can meet whatever needs you have, including water filters, water softeners, water conditioners, reverse osmosis drinking water systems, and more.

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There are a variety of problems that can occur with drinking water. That’s why we offer a wide range of solutions including:

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  • Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems
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  • Salt Delivery
  • Water Testing
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Ensure your well & septic systems function properly with Clean Water Center

One of Clean Water Center's areas of expertise lies in well and septic system inspections. Often, home inspections miss critical issues with your home's water supply. Standard home inspections do not include a home's well, pump, water softening system, filters, or water pressure. If you are planning on purchasing a new home, make sure to have Clean Water Center complete a comprehensive inspection of your septic and well systems.

Partner with Clean Water Center to ensure your well and septic systems are clean, safe, and functioning properly. Schedule your inspection today in Ixonia, WI, and nearby!

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Discolored Water in Ixonia, WI

This customer had called in to the Clean Water Center with issues of hard water and discolored water when giving kids a bath. They were planning on doing some remodeling of the bathrooms, and wanted to make sure all the new fixtures would stay clean after the remodel. 


A Project Coordinator went out to his home to speak to him about the concerns and assess the water and the basement for placement of any equipment. After testing the water to their home, coming from the shared community well, they found that the water was very hard with 22 gpg of hardness, but only 1 ppm of iron coming through. After testing the water the homeowner showed the bathtub that is used consistently and as soon as the water was turned on, it came out orange. He told the project coordinator that this happens every time they turn the water on in the evening to give the kids their baths. After it runs for a bit, it will go clear. 


The 1 ppm of iron even though was not too high, was causing a lot of issue because it was ferric iron. The Project Coordinator discussed the benefits of a water softener for the hard water, and that an Iron Filter will help take care of the discolored water concern. The homeowner decided to have us install both pieces of equipment and can now continue with all renovations and feel confident that his water will not cause issues. 

Discolored Water in Ixonia, WI - Photo 1Discolored Water in Ixonia, WI - Photo 2
Nitrates in the Water in Ixonia, WI

The customer called the Clean Water Center as she was talking with her neighbor and they had mentioned that they just had a health and safety test done on their water, and she had said they had never gotten one done since they moved in 10 years ago. 


A Project Coordinator went over to the home and took a health and safety test for Arsenic, Nitrates and bacteria. She also tested the water aesthetics, and checked to see if the current equipment was working properly. After assessing that the current equipment was working and that they did not need any extra equipment, they went over the Reverse Osmosis options as it would be the only thing recommended for drinking and cooking. 


When the health and safety results came in, it was found that the customer had a decent amount of Nitrates in the water at 28.8 ppm, so the customer quickly set up an install for the UltroWater Reverse Osmosis that is certified to help with Nitrates. The customer can be confident that they are safely drinking their water now. 

Nitrates in the Water in Ixonia, WI - Photo 1
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