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Tight Space for New Softener- Malone

Tight Space for New Softener- Malone

Before After
Tight Space for New Softener- Malone Tight Space for New Softener- Malone

We had a customer how purchased a new home on well water. The customer had a softener in the home but discovered that the garage/shop was untreated and had a hook up for a softener. The customer wanted to make sure he had treated water for is garage for various different uses. We sent out a project coordinator to see what we could do. After taking a look at the set up the biggest challenge was space, we only had a very small room that already had a water heater and furnace in it. With taking some measurements we figured out we can make things fit. The customer went with a rental systems so he doesn't have to worry about a thing!  After the install the customer is happy to have treated water in the garage! 

Water Filter, Softener, and Conditioner Systems Installed in Fond Du Lac County

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Enjoy quality water for your Fond Du Lac County, WI home

Good water is essential for keeping your home and your family comfortable and healthy. At Clean Water Center we understand this more than anyone and, as a member of the Evolve family of dealers, we provide a wide range of quality water treatment solutions so you can enjoy good water in your home.

Do you have hard water? Are you struggling with a foul smell or concerned about contaminants? Our wide selection of water treatment solutions can meet whatever needs you have, including water filters, water softeners, water conditioners, reverse osmosis drinking water systems, and more.

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Our water treatment solutions in Fond Du Lac County, WI

There are a variety of problems that can occur with drinking water. That’s why we offer a wide range of solutions including:

  • Water Conditioners
  • Whole House Water Filters
  • Water Softeners
  • Drinking-Water Filters
  • Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems
  • Multi-Stage Water Filters
  • Under Sink Drinking Water Systems
  • Water Treatment System Repair
  • Filter Replacement
  • Salt Delivery
  • Water Testing

Do you have foul-smelling, dirty, or hard water? Contact us today and schedule your free estimate in Fond Du Lac County, WI!

Where does Fond Du Lac County’s drinking water come from?

According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, about 66% of Wisconsin residents get their drinking water from groundwater, and the other 33% source it from Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, or Lake Winnebago. Owners of private wells are responsible for monitoring their private wells to ensure they are safe to drink from. Nitrates and arsenic, for example, are common, naturally occurring contaminants in Wisconsin soil and are often found in private well water.

The Importance of Filtering Your Water

How unsafe is unfiltered water?

Proper water filtration is essential in maintaining a safe source of drinking water. Even water that is not for consumption (animal or human) should be free of harmful contaminants that can affect our lives in other ways. Water for showering, washing your clothes, nourishing your pets, and even watering your plants should be of a healthy quality. Water can be considered “dirty” due to chemical pollutants and the presence of disease-causing microbes.

There are a number of short-term and long-term risks associated with drinking contaminated water. Exposure to chemicals in water can result in skin discoloration or, eventually, damage to the nervous system or organs. Ingesting water with disease-causing microbes is relatively rare in the United States nowadays because of advanced water filtration practices, but that used to be a common spreader of infectious diseases including typhoid fever and cholera. There are parts of the world where these diseases still run rampant because of inadequate or tainted drinking water supplies.

Common Sources of Drinking Water Contamination:

  • Industry & agriculture— Rainfall and water runoff can carry fertilizer and pesticides into the water system. Storage facilities for these compounds can also spread contaminants through rainfall and water runoff.
  • Human & animal waste— Sewage and septic systems can spread harmful microbes into drinking water systems. Common contaminants found in these scenarios include E.coli and Giardia.
  • Treatment & distribution— Some treatments meant to clean the water can actually leave behind harmful chemicals such as trihalomethanes. Flaws in the water system, such as broken or rusty pipes, can also contribute to contamination.
  • Natural sources— Groundwater can pass through soil and bedrock that is contaminated with natural arsenic, heavy metals, or radioactive compounds such as radon.

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Job Stories From Fond Du Lac County, WI
Maintenance Plan Renewal - Van Dyne, WI

Dave B. scheduled his yearly maintenance plan renewal.  We sent out our service technician Kyle to do a 10 point performance check on his Evolve equipment, changed his Eclipse reverse osmosis filters and tested the water for hardness, iron and total dissolved solids.  

Salt Delivery Request - Fond du Lac, WI

Homeowner has been getting salt deliveries from us since 2015.  We deliver her salt right to the basement for her and fill the brine tank too.  We also test the water before and after the treatment equipment to make sure all is working well.

Brine Tank Backfilling- Oakfield, WI

Homeowners older unit was backfilling.  Our technician Garrett got out there as soon as possible to correct the issue.

Garrett had it up and working in no time and tested the water to make sure everything was working properly before he left.

Brine Tank Backfilling- Oakfield, WI - Photo 1
Water Softener Maintenance - Eldorado, WI

Mr. Z called in and said his brine tank was full of water and was not sure if the softener was working properly.  Randy was able to go out to investigate the situation.  He checked over all parts and cleaned the system up.  He also tested the water before and after the water treatment equipment to make sure it was working properly.


Reverse Osmosis - Fond du Lac, WI

The homeowners here reached out to us because it was time for their reverse osmosis filters to be changed.  Our technician Garrett went to the home to change those filters for them and tested the water to make sure everything was working properly.

Thank you for your business!!

Reverse Osmosis - Fond du Lac, WI - Photo 1
RO Refrigerator Hook Up- Eden, WI

Customer wanted us to hook up the current RO system to the Refigerator and change RO filters. Layke was able to help with this project and hooked up the current RO system to the refrigerator. He tested the water to make sure that all of the other water treatment equipment was working properly.

RO Refrigerator Hook Up- Eden, WI - Photo 1
Service on Softener - Fond du Lac, WI

The homeowner called us to see if we could service the unit he installed.  The unit was continously draining.  Garrett was able to service the equipment and get him back up and running. 

Service on Softener - Fond du Lac, WI - Photo 1
New install

Mr. and Mrs. R had reached out to us regarding there current water treatment that was not working as it should any more and was getting time to replace. Nate was able to test there water and find the best solution for them. Nate recommended the EVFE-1248. This was the best solution for the water condtions. Nate also recommended the ultroflow R.O. system for the drinking water in the home. Are tech was able to install the softener and R.O. in a timely manor. Mr. and Mrs. R was happy with the new softener and R.O. system in there home. 

New install - Photo 1
Sulfur Smell in Water - Fond du Lac, WI

Mr. and Mrs. J. reached out to us because they were getting a strong sulfur odor coming from their water.  Kyle, our technician, went out to the home to investigate the issue.   He found that the system was leaking.  He was able to change a few parts and re-run the cycle to sure the water treatment equipment was working.  Kyle tested the water before and after the treatment equipment as well. 

Sulfur Smell in Water - Fond du Lac, WI - Photo 1
Annual Water System Service - Ripon, WI

Mr. S. has his current unit on a service plan with us.  Every year we go to his home to complete an annual inspection on his water treatment equipment.  Zach, our technician, was able to visit the home and do the 10 point performance check on the softener, provide the annual maintenance, deliver enough salt for the year, and tested the water.  Everything looked good and we will return again the following year.  

Annual Water System Service - Ripon, WI - Photo 1
Water Treatment Filter Change - Rosendale, WI

Mr. and Mrs. S. have us come out every year to change the filters on their reverse osmosis system and complete and annual inspection of their other water treatment equipment.  We even delivered enough salt out for the homeowners for the year as well.  The homeowners here are on our annual maintenance plan.  They have very hard water in the area and having us coming out ever year to take care of the annual maintenance keeps the water treatment equipment working like it should.  

Water Treatment Filter Change - Rosendale, WI - Photo 1
Iron Issues in Campbellsport, WI

Customer called us because he had worked with us before on his family house, but was having staining and smelly water issues on his rental property. He had purchased equipment and installed it himself, but when his tenants let him know that the water was smelling really bad and staining all the fixtures, he knew something wasn't right. He was not sure, but he believes that the filter that he installed before the softener was just a sediment filter and not the correct equipment that he meant to buy. The Project Coordinator went to his house, and assessed the water quality. The water softener that he installed seemed to be working, but the sulfur smell was overwhelming. 


After speaking with the Project Coordinator, the customer decided to have us install and EVFE-1354 Iron Filter, which will help him with his 5.5 ppm of iron and the sulfur that is causing issues in the house. 

Iron Issues in Campbellsport, WI - Photo 1Iron Issues in Campbellsport, WI - Photo 2
New Air BNB with Iron in Campbellsport, WI

Customers have been a long time customer of the Clean Water Center for a few of their other homes. They just purchased a lake home to use as an Air BNB and remodeled it. The home had 3 different units for rental in it, and could house up to 12 people at a time. During the renovation, they had to drill a new well. After the well was drilled, they found the water to be discolored and new once they flushed it, it would still have high iron in the water. They wanted to make sure the protect their new investment and renovations, so they gave the Clean water Center a call to test the water and see what was recommended.


The water tests found 26 gpg of hardness, as well as 4.5 ppm of iron. The basement was already set up for water treatment equipment to be installed. With the amount of hardness, iron and people that could be in the home at one time, they needed to have a larger softener and iron filter made for them. The customer decided to go with an ES-1354 water softener, and an EVFE-1354 iron filter. The Project Coordinator got it ordered for them, and had them on the schedule to install the units 3 weeks later. 


Now that the equipment is installed, they can fulfill the appointments that they had booked already and be good hosts for their customers coming to enjoy themselves at their new Air BNB. 


New Air BNB with Iron in Campbellsport, WI - Photo 1
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